Miracle of America Essays Now Available to Download

May 11 20

Miracle of America Essays Now Available to Download

Angela Kamrath

AHEF members can now freely download selected Miracle of America essays from AHEF’s Founding Blog!

The Miracle of America essays are short readings on various topics on America’s founding history, governance, and philosophy by AHEF President Angela Kamrath based on her research found in The Miracle of America: The Influence of the Bible on the Founding History and Principles of the United States of America for a People of Every Belief. Formatted for print, the essays may be used for educational purposes. Citizens and groups may use them for study and discussion. Teachers and homeschoolers may distribute them for student reading.

These essays are available on the “resources” page of AHEF’s main site, americanheritage.org. Simply sign up as a member (no cost), log in, and go to the “resources” page.

AHEF continues to offer trustworthy, quality resources for citizens, teachers, and students to strengthen their understanding and teaching of America’s founding principles. As the new school year approaches, we wish you much success in your educational goals!

To sign up as an AHEF member (no cost), go to http://ahef.bdev1.com/sign-up/ .

May 30 18

In-depth study on America’s Founding Philosophy Now Available to Educators – Free to download!

Angela Kamrath

Dear Teachers and Homeschoolers,

AHEF’s new, in-depth, free unit resource is now available to social studies teachers and homeschoolers, The Miracle of America High School Teacher Course Guide.

This resource complements AHEF’s critically-acclaimed Miracle of America text/reference book and guides educators in teaching on America’s founding principles/philosophy and the Bible’s historical influence on those ideas.

The guide may be used for a semester-long special topics course (eligible for state elective credit) or as supplemental units in existing 8th-12th Social Studies, US Government, or US History courses.  The guide can be used with any curriculum and also correlates with C3, AP, IB, CC, NCSS, and TEKS objectives.  It is supplemental and elective and so does not require (public) school board approval.

The comprehensive guide units may be purchased in a printed tabbed binder or freely downloaded in PDF.  Sign up or log in as a member on this site (americanheritage.org) to access the PDFs.  Go to AHEF bookstore to purchase the printed guide.

For more information, please go to americanheritage.org/programs/miracle-of-america/.


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